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8 Logos Trends for 2020

8 Logos Trends for 2020

Logo design plays a major role in graphic design. Logo design trends are usually more stable and don’t change as much from year to year and that is because of its long-lasting life span that can go up more than decades. Despite that, designers have to create logos that look modern and chic. Let’s go through the logo trends that will dominate the world of a logo design in 2020. 8 Logos Trends for 2020, Guide from the professional logo designer. Learn how to design an effective logo for your company. 

1.) Simple Geometric shape style – Minimalism

8 Logos Trends for 2020

Basic minimal geometric shapes are one of the preferred styles in this industry. They are easy to be implemented in all kinds of brand identity materials without being a distraction.

2.) 80’s Poppin’ Throwback Style – Retro

8 Logos Trends for 2020

Enough time has finally passed for all things the 80s to be cool again: video games, pop music, and etc. Plus, a more old-school tech preceded the glowing pocket rectangles.

3.) Woodcut/ Metallic Engraving Style – Class

8 Logos Trends for 2020

Using metallics in logos such as gold and silver is a sign of high class & sophistication. The combination of metals and engraving creates a feeling of exclusiveness and premium tailoring.

4.) Custom Logo Types – Typography

Logotypes in 2020 will tell so much you wouldn’t even need an image! Custom-made fonts will depict the word itself literally or “speaking” to the audience with a hidden meaning.

5.) Isometric Perspective Dimension Style 3D

Isometric logos and logos imitating the 3D effect are still going to be a thing in 2020. The main advantage of these logos is that they create depth, deep deep depth.

6.) Harmonious Multicolor Style – Gradient

Uses of gradients lately have been combining bright, vivid colors that create beautiful palettes that usually helped achieve a futuristic, dreamy look that speaks of originality and innovation.

7.) Cheerful Optimistic illustrative Style – Cartoon

Brands that want to be accepted right away often decide to go for a cartoon logo and usually, they manage to win the hearts of potential clients from a first glance. Expect it animated in 2020!

8.) Multi-layered Overlapping Logos – Depth.

Designers are pushing past flat and semi-flat designs. They are creating more complex logos that use highlights, shadows, and overlapping colors to communicate the depth of their brands.

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