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The Anatomy of a Great Logo Design

The Anatomy of a Great Logo Design

So, you are a new startup and want to create an identity that people can recognize from a distance. Well, this is something that sounds too good and it is quite an effective strategy to give your business more exposure without doing much. Why? Because your logo choice will be the first thing that people will come across even before they buy any product or service from your business. A well-designed logo from a professional logo design company can gain attention and can create a brand image that people will find’ easy to understand that this is your business, product, or service. Convey your idea properly or just give an idea when you need to hire a logo designer

As a new startup, standing out among your competitors can be hard but you can with a striking logo from a professional logo design company. How does an effective and attractive logo look like? Well, this is the guide you need to check.

Getting A Great Logo Design

When you are working with a professional logo design company, then you already have made a good choice because they have been in the business for several years, have served several industries, businesses, and types of clients so it wouldn’t be hard for them to understand what your business requires? However, if you aren’t satisfied with your existing dedicated graphic design services then search and hire a logo designer for a better experience, and here is how you can work with it?

Come up With a Design

You don’t need to be a designer when it comes to thinking about something striking and unique. All you need is a clear idea about how things should look like. Think of some famous brand, before you think about their products the first thing that will come to your mind would be their logo. This is what design is all about. This is why try to come up with some unique ideas for your business logo for a better experience. You can think about your business name and your product combination for instance when you are going to hire a logo designer to design a logo.

What Is Your Product’s Purpose?

If you are going to get a logo for your business that should communicate with your targeted demographics then you can come up with a design where you can use your products and their usage in the logo or what it can do for consumers. Just like a logo design company will always have a unique looking but the creative logo that consists of the elements of their field. Or mover company logo will incorporate images of boxes, moving trucks, or helping hands. You can discuss with your dedicated graphic design services as well for a better idea.

The image within The Image

A striking logo can be made when you incorporate an image within the image. This is one of the best ways to leave a lasting image of your brand’s identity and stand out among the crowd through your logo design. You can discuss this with your selected logo design company. Think FedEx for instance. At first, their logo is simple some typography but on 2nd look, you will see an arrow forming within the typography. This is a pretty clever design. While doing this, just make sure that the image you are about to design is related to your business, service, and products. Discuss it thoroughly when you hire a logo designer first.

Incorporate Your Name and Design

Want more quirky design ideas for your business logo then why not get your name incorporated with the design. This would give your logo a unique and creative touch and will help you stand out among the competitors. Think of a music school that has several music symbols that can be incorporated in their name accordingly. However, it is important to understand if the design will really suit your name as well so make sure to select a Logo Design Company with a portfolio of quirky logos.

Visual Metaphors Matter

Another great way to leave a positive yet creative image of your business or create a brand image the use of visual metaphors. Visual metaphors are all about incorporating visual elements related to your business and give them the look of your industry. Not only this looks unique but it also gives the logo designers some level of challenge and fun idea to play with elements.

Avoiding Cliches

Though when you are about to hire a logo designer from an experienced graphic design company, you may have come across some ideas as well. They may look tempting to you but they may have been used several times. These designs may have become too repetitive and sometimes even boring. Synch as using simple scissors with serif fonts or some regular hipster logo that have become too repetitive. Instead of going for them, give creative freedom to your logo design company.

Negative Space Logo

Now, this is something that will do the thing pretty easily. If you don’t know then a negative space logo is comprised of the use of white space or background with a colored object in a way that it creates a striking object within the objects. Check logos like Academy awards where oscar trophy is formed by adding nothing but white space, same as Elephone where the phone is used with elephant making it elegant yet fun design. This can be tricky to come up with for an individual but not when you will hire a logo designer as this is their job so he or she will guide you about this effectively.

Call the Logo Design Company

If nothing seems to work, then simply contact an experienced logo design company such as TwinBrothers Design and let them know about your requirements. Even if you haven’t planned anything then their portfolio will be good enough to give you the idea that what will suit your business the most. From colors to design elements everything, they will provide you with the best logo design according to your requirements.

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