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Unlimited Video Designs

Start utilizing the power of video in your social media campaigns, your content strategy and more.

Motion Graphics have the High rate of Engagement.

Static designs are great but when you have the chance to use video to display your message, take it! Videos are growing more popular by the minute and new social platforms that are based solely on video keep popping up. This opens the door for more opportunities to use video content in your daily strategies.

Video Design Examples

What You Can request?

  • Social Media Video Ads
  • Cinemographs
  • MEME Style
  • Feed & Story Videos
  • Basic & Advanced GIFs
  • Text Overlays
  • Combine / Edit Raw Footage
  • Simple Character Animation
  • Animated Logos / Openers
  • Transcribe Video <= 2 minutes
  • Event Promo / Recap
  • Animate Static Designs
  • Add SRT Captions <= 5 minutes
  • Openers / titles
  • And Much more
2-min response time
We respond in less than 2-minutes